Sustainable, eco-friendly flooring materials

More and more we hear about greenhouse gasses, carbon footprints, sustainable production, water contamination, extinction of native species and toxic waste. We may disagree about the cause or the degree of the problem, but it's pretty clear that it's critical to begin working towards fresh ideas directed toward going Green. Quest Interiors proudly supports these efforts with a product line that includes a variety of elegant, environmentally safe, or "green" flooring alternatives. Beautiful design can also be responsible. We provide eco-friendly flooring and fixtures that are developed with reusable parts and naturally acquired materials, all of them with the same high quality standards as our other alternatives.

Recycled materials

Recycling is one method you can use so that customers can lower your impact on the environment and help save the planet. By remaining conscious of your impact on the Earth, you can have the benefits of reusing old materials with our environmentally conscious eco-friendly flooring materials and fixtures. We offer green flooring options, such as carpeting crafted with things like plastic water bottles and other recycled goods, and hardwood flooring made of repurposed wood. Both of these eco-friendly materials are able to be recycled once again at the time they reach the end of their use.



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Safely acquired natural materials

Quest Interiors also offers eco-friendly flooring materials crafted with nature-made materials that are acquired safely. Bamboo and cork are both rapidly growing, over-all renewable resources that can be gathered without hurting the plants they come from. Both also have matchless styles that accentuate the different style of any space. Cork and bamboo can be used as an alternative to hardwood, and bamboo can be woven into fibers and made into carpet. Other nature-made and sustainable eco-friendly flooring fibers that can be used include wool, sisal, jute, hemp, cotton and seagrass.

Linoleum is an alternative that is reusable and made of all Earth-friendly sources, to keep our planet safe.
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Your attention to the environment is not unnoticed

Your attention to the environment is not unnoticed. Quest Interiors is committed to providing eco-friendly green products as an alternative to traditional floors. These floors are stylish and beautiful, sacrificing nothing in favor of the environment. To get advice on the best eco-friendly flooring alternatives to add to your space without ruining the environment or sacrificing your home’s décor, ask our design experts. They are here to start planning green installation, techniques to lower water and energy consumption, and more.