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What is Inspired Flooring?

What is Inspired Flooring?

Napa Flooring

Inspired Flooring offers many advantages over other brands and products.  Not only does the team at FloorQuest and Quest Interiors help to develop the product and color offerings, the team has over 500,000 SF in stock at any given day.   We have installed the product in our own homes, parents homes, friends houses, and not not mention in our showrooms.  Come check it our for yourself at either Fond du Lac or Oshkosh.  Below are some of the main points why we STAND BEHIND and ON Inspired Flooring.

  • Value
    • No large marketing budget saves you money.  Inspired Flooring believes in putting forth a great product at an affordable price.
  • Quality
    • Both the Independence Park and Liberty Park Collection boasts a standard 20 MIL wear layer to protect the flooring from normal wear and tear.  Not all flooring is scratch resistant, but the Inspired Flooring products are designed to resist scratching.
    • SPC Flooring is naturally waterproof, and the same goes for Inspired SPC Flooring.  100% Waterproof.
  • Style
    • Standard on Independence and Liberty Park is a painted v-bevel.  From a coordinating color bevel to a dramatic color, there are many styles and looks to choose from.