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Does Carpet Padding Really Matter?


Yes. Carpet padding can matter. At Quest Interiors, we only recommend and offer the very best padding from Carpenter or Mohawk for all of our professional carpet installations.

Carpet padding is not a gimmick. The quality, weight, and features can really make a difference when it comes to durability and longevity of your flooring. Carpet cushion or padding is the material that is placed under carpet. It acts as a cushion between the carpeting and the subfloor. It can assist with longevity, softness under foot, and noise reduction. Most carpet pads are relatively inexpensive.

Does a warranty matter?

Don’t miss out on your carpet warranty! It’s worth noting that many carpeting warranties require proper padding installed underneath the flooring (and professionally cleaned often). To ensure that you choose the best carpet padding that a-lines with your warranty, consult with one of the experienced project managers at Quest Interiors in Oshkosh or Fond du Lac. Let’s keep your flooring looking great for years to come!

Is Thicker Padding Better?

Not necessarily. The density of the foam is what is the most important. Our experts recommend a carpet cushion in the 6-8 lb range with a thickness between ⅜ and 7/16 of an inch. These specs are typically in line with what the carpet manufacturers like Shaw, Mohawk or Dreamweaver recommend in their warranties.

Is There A Better Material For A Carpet Cushion?

Here is my favorite answer. It depends. It really does depend on the application. How are you going to use your space? What is the foot traffic? Is there radiant heat? Are there pets?

For example on radiant heat surfaces, we typically use a rubber or synthetic carpet cushion. If you have pets like a dog or a cat, padding with a moisture barrier can provide some level of protection in case there is an accident on the carpeting (although there are types of carpeting now that have a built in moisture barrier). Also, in a living room, you may want to choose a durable cushion underfoot. Consult with some of our experts at our showrooms in Fond du Lac or Oshkosh Wisconsin.

Does cushion help heating or cooling your space?

Absolutely it can. According the the Carpet Cushion Council,
“One advantage of using carpet and cushion as floor coverings is that they reduce heat transfer between floors and room air space. This heat flow resistance can result in energy savings.”

During winter, carpet padding prevents warm air from escaping. Most carpet paddings have an R-Value between 3 and 4. If climate control and efficiency are important in your flooring choice, reach out to the exceptional staff at Quest Interiors.

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