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Bathroom Vanities That Suit Your Style

The right bathroom vanity can make or break your bathroom’s design making bathroom vanities one of the most important features in your bathroom. Out of all the attributes of your home, you probably use your bath vanity the most, so you need it to be beautiful as well as functional.

There are so many choices to go through when it comes to deciding on the best option for you—do you need a small bathroom vanity or perhaps a double vanity? Should you get a marble top or granite? What about a floating vanity for a small space to keep it from feeling cramped and cluttered? Is a modern bathroom vanity more suited for you or should you go with an antique design? You could also put in a corner vanity for a bathroom that has a unique shape or layout.

At Quest Interiors, we can answer all of these questions on bathroom vanities and more. We can help with design advice for beyond bathroom vanities and for your whole bathroom! This includes the selection of the perfect vanity and bathroom sink cabinets with the right storage space for you, installation of modern bathroom vanities, selection and installation of faucets and hardware, and anything else you need assistance with when renovating your bathroom in Wisconsin. Just contact us for an estimate and we can discuss your needs!

What Are Bathroom Vanities?

A bathroom vanity is a sink and bathroom cabinet combined. Many people find this to be the absolute best option when it comes to maximizing the space and beauty of their bathroom. A standard pedestal sink exposes the plumbing behind it and doesn’t provide any storage at all. A bathroom vanity provides valuable bathroom sink cabinets in a convenient space within your bathroom and doesn’t really take up much more space than a simple pedestal sink.

A bathroom sink vanity usually has drawers and cabinets for storing bathroom essentials and hygiene products. Depending on the size of your bathroom, some bathroom vanities incorporate the installation of a double-sink vanity, which can be great for people who share a bathroom.

Reasons To Update Your Bathroom Vanities, Bathroom Sink Cabinets And Countertops

You may already have a bath vanity in your bathroom, but it could be outdated or not as functional as you would like it to be. Or maybe it is pretty and functional, but it’s not your style. Here are some reasons why you might want to update your bathroom vanity set:

Style Change

You may be loving farmhouse style and you want to update the bathrooms in your home with farmhouse vanities. Or perhaps you want to add elegance to a boring bathroom. Maybe you want to incorporate a more transitional style to your home, and installing transitional vanities may make your home more comfortable for your guests. Modern bathroom vanities offer a more sleek design and can be coupled with stylish vessel sinks for a big win on trendy styling and in storage spacing.


Some bathroom sink vanities aren’t functional enough for different types of families. Small bathroom vanities may provide enough room for some families but others may need additional storage space or a more functional style, such as an open shelf style of vanity.

Renovation For Property Value

Some people prefer to renovate bathrooms to increase their property’s value or to get it ready for sale. Selling a home is easier when you have updated master bathrooms, inviting guest bathrooms, modern conveniences, unique styles, and adequate storage space. A nice modern bathroom vanity can elevate the look and the functionality of a bathroom – and in turn improve the overall experience of the homeowner.

Bathroom Vanities That Maximize Space And Style

So what is it that you need to look for when it comes to your bathroom vanities? The first thing you’ll want to consider is how wide the piece will be. Many bathroom vanity brands offer lengths that are considered to be “standard”, while others have countertops with an overhang that you also have to take into consideration. The width of your bathroom vanity should also take into consideration anything you want to place on either side of the sink basin.

The finish of your new bathroom vanity is also important and can range from cherry to espresso, natural oak to solid white, plus many other choices of materials and colors. You need to choose something that matches, or at least complements, your existing bathroom décor to maintain continuity in your style. Even natural stone finishes may be in order and can match a wide variety of fixtures.

Consider, as well, whether you will be looking for a countertop that is pre-attached or something you can add your own unique countertop to. The latter option gives you much more room for personalization, especially if you have specific components in mind. This option can be a little more tricky due to the need to measure accurately for separate components, but some homeowners will prefer having extra choices.

Are you ready to look at different styles of bathroom vanities? Our bathroom vanities run the gamut of modern, farmhouse and transitional styles. Choosing a vanity for your bathroom is a big decision, but Quest Interiors can help you make a selection you will feel confident about. We have bathroom vanity options that you will love, so you can find the best choice for your space and enjoy your vanity for many years to come.


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