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Let This Sink In.


Confused about what sink you want with your new countertops. There are hundreds of types of sinks on the market today. At Quest Interiors, we specialize in helping you choose the right sink for your kitchen quartz countertops and discuss with you the different installation applications. Whether you are washing dishes or preparing a meal, a kitchen sink is vital to your home. It is something that you use every day (and sometimes twice on Sunday!). Read on to learn more about your options.

What Is The Right Sink Installation?

There are different types of sink installations and that could ultimately determine which sink you end up choosing.

Overmount, top mount sinks or drop-in sinks are the most common type of sink installation. These are common with laminate countertops as well as bathroom vanities. The countertop is rough cut to allow the sink to sit in the opening. The top lip of the sink actually sits on-top of the countertop. The support for the sink comes from this lip overlapping the countertop. Top-mount sinks work with all countertop materials. There are dozens of different top-mount high quality kitchen sinks to choose from.

Undermount sinks are mounted or hung underneath the countertop cutout. Most of these are either composite sinks or stainless steel sinks. The cut out is polished so that once a sink is installed, you can view a finished cross section of the countertop. Some of the manufacturers of composite sinks that are undermount are Blanco and Karran. For undermount and apron sinks, often you can choose whether you want a flush, negative or positive reveal. What that means, is whether you see the top lip of the sink or just the inside bowl of the sink.

Apron front sinks or farmhouse sinks sit on the cabinet under the countertop. The front edge of the sink is exposed. The sinks are often very large (and can be heavy!). These are typically made of cast iron, stainless steel or granite composite. If you chose an apron-front style sink, you should confirm the width of your sink base.

Is There A Right Shape, Material Or Number Of Bowls?

Single or double bowl sinks. Rectangular or round sinks. There are so many choices that Quest provides that sometimes our customers are depending on us to tell them what they should go with. Oftentimes, we prefer to sell a Blanco Diamond Equal Bowl sink. Those typically look the best with quartz and granite countertops. A Blanco sink will cost several hundred dollars but will add some style to your space as a way of introducing a coordinating color such as Truffle or Anthracite. It will depend on how you use the sink to determine whether you want a single bowl or a double bowl sink. So before choosing a sink, think about how you cook, how you clean, how you do your dishes and that should tell you whether a one or a two bowl sink is best.

Rectangular shape sinks are the most popular. Often, the shape is round in the corners and along the back; however, the overall shape is a rectangle. This works because your cabinets are rectangles. Your windows are rectangular. This shape allows you to to choose different bowl configurations. One bowl, two bowls. Equal bowls or offset bowls. At our showrooms we have many different models for you to see and “practice doing the dishes” in front of them to select the best fit.

Gaining in popularity are the zero radius workstation sinks. These provide a very sleek look in stainless steel and will give you additional versatility with the added accessories of a cutting board, colander and grid. These sinks also demand a flush sink cutout. These types have become the choice for the homeowner that wants and needs a little bit more prep space in their kitchen so they choose a workstation sink model.

Granite composite sinks, cast iron sinks or stainless steel sinks provide the very best heat resistance. When you are choosing a countertop, choose one based on style and quality. When you are choosing a sink, use the same attributes. You want a sink that will stand up to boiling water, one that is easy to clean, one that is heat resistant and one that you will enjoy using.

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